Tuesday October 16, 2018-Migori Governor, Okoth Obado is at Industrial Area Remand Prison waiting for his determination of his bail application.

The 60 -year old is in prison for killing University of Rongo student Sharon Otieno who was his clandestine lover.

He has unsuccessfully tried to get out on bond but the Director of Public Prosecutions, Nordin Haji, has maintained that he is a flight risk and he may tamper with investigations once out on bond.

A prison warder who is guarding the governor said the Migori county boss is behaving in a strange way which has made fellow prisoners and guards suspect he is going nuts.

In his prison room, while sleeping on the mattress, he keeps on gazing at the ceiling at times mumbling words.

 He even at times cries during the day and night. Due to his strange behaviours, he is keenly monitored by prison warders.

 He does not go and pick food as it is required but is served by one of his co-accused.

Whenever his wife, Hellen, children and sisters visit him, when they leave, the governor openly sheds tears.

One of the warder also confided that he has lost weight and his eyes have started turning pale yellow.


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  1. Let him die in jail,he is hervesting what he plant

  2. Let him die in jail,he is hervesting what he plant