Friday October 26, 2018-Controversial political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has said NASA Leader, Raila Odinga, will be Kenya's President 5th President whether Deputy President William Ruto likes it or not.

In his latest episode of Fifth Estate, Ngunyi revealed that Raila had cleverly re-established himself politically and was more appealing to voters than Ruto.

He noted that Ruto had firmly held on his 2022 Presidential ambition to an extent he was insensitive to his supporters.

According to Ngunyi, Ruto’s approach will fail him terribly because he would lose his supporters before even the polls' year arrives.

 "I support Ruto and Kenyatta but am afraid Raila is making more sense to me than Ruto.”

“The DP has won the argument about 2022 but Raila will win the real battle," Ngunyi argued.

"By hanging firmly on the 2022 ambition, Ruto is suffocating those who love him and he will lose them.”

“If he lets it go it will find him.”

“This is what Raila has done. He has let 2022 go and is now seducing country with referendum," Ngunyi argued.

Ngunyi also revealed that Raila would be rewarded with a ceremonial Presidency in 2022 for staying away from the politics of succession.

 "With Raila having left the 2022 presidential pursuit, we will make him President.”

“This could come earlier than 2022," he added.

At the same time, the analyst told Ruto to his face that there would be a referendum before 2022 whether he likes it not.

"The next election will not happen under current Constitution because we'll have new law.”

“Why is Ruto campaigning for a Presidential position which will not exist in 2022?”

“He is like the philosophical blind man in a dark room chasing after a black cat which is not there," said Ngunyi.



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