Wednesday, October 10, 2018-Before Citizen TV’s anchor Jacque Maribe was linked to the murder of Monica , little was known about her father.

Jacque’s father has been receiving a lot of limelight because of the way he has been defending his daughter and giving her a shoulder to lean on , at a time when close friends have deserted her.

Although irrefutable evidence shows that Jacque Maribe helped Jowie interfere with evidence after he killed Monica, Mr Maribe believes his daughter is innocent.

He has even been taunting detectives probing the murder on his facebook page and ignoring advice from Kenyans of good-will to stop discussing legal issues on social media.

We  understand that Jacque Maribe’s father is a pastor who runs a church in Buru-Buru.

 We  came across these photos of him before he gave his life to Christ .

He used to  be a heavy drinker and a party animal  not so long ago but he is now  a pastor.


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