NYAKUNDI takes on Kenyan LADIES head on, No mercy for JACQUE MARIBE, BETTY KYALLO and other glorified TV PROSTITUTES.

Will The Real Kenyan Women Please Stand Up?

Where can we find normal Kenyan women? Because it seems that all we have are extremists. 

Kenyan women are either on one extreme end where they date sponsors, or on the other extreme end where they date useless, hopeless scrubs like bouncers, DJ’s and the likes.
Like what do men have to do, to get a normal Kenyan lady who is not part of the Joe Muchiri Instagram hype, with this over-obsession with consumerism and vanity?

Betty Kyallo is on one end chasing moneyed men like Joho, Darshan Chandaria and the likes, while Jacque Maribe is “keeping” Jowie who from all accounts is younger than her by atleast 5 years.

And don't forget that Jacque was clubbing on a weekday. Like where are the marriage-material ladies? Because all we are seeing are just langaa’s kila mahali.

Who messed up with Kenyan ladies heads? Because this looks like a social-experiment gone wrong.

Please Kenyan ladies, it's time for a paradigm shift. It’s time for you to put an end to this bullshit and change course. Time to say no to all the imposed/acquired habits because they won't help you in the long run.

The guy who looks like he angukiad is Waihiga Mwaura who married that beautiful jaluo lady. But then again, she's a religious extremist and as we know, religion is the root of all evil in this world. All the wars, all the hate, the division, ethnic strife, comes from religion. 

Religious leaders should be shot! All of them.

So where can one find a normal Kenyan woman and not in church?

Cyprian Nyakundi

  1. Enter your comment...I support ua words

  2. Enter your comment...I support ua words

  3. Enter your comment...just as you're wondering where you can find a normal Kenyan woman we too as women are asking the same question.Where is any normal well brought up Kenyan man all we see is babies in diapers!! what happened to the voice of a man as the head of society? voiceless, immature men have led to this #nimeenda Hivi nakam

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