Wednesday, October 18, 2018 - Female nurses at Kenyatta National Hospital are living in fear due to frequent sexual harassment by male patients in the orthopaedic wing.

The nurses claim that the sexually starved male patients are making sexual advances to them.

A nurse who spoke to a local daily revealed that she has encountered the randy male patients who beg to open her servers.

“They tell me to my face that they want to sleep with me." The nurse said.
Another nurse recounted an incidence last year when a male patient described the colour of the underwear she was wearing after he peeped through her dress.
“Last year, someone described the colour of the undergarment I was wearing because as I attended to others, he looked under my dress." She  revealed.
The nurses are forced to wear trousers to keep off the randy male patients.
The nurses described the orthopaedic ward as “abnormal” and “where unsual things happen.”
Apart from demanding sex from the nurses, the patients in the orthopaedic wing  sneak in beer and drugs.

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