Thursday October 18, 2018-President Uhuu Kenyatta’s government has sent a memo to all the 47 county assemblies requesting MCAs and county staff to seek approval of the Ministry of Devolution if they want to go abroad.

According to the memo, the government has realised that majority of MCAs have been wasting public money by going abroad.

In the memo,MCAs will be required to disclose air ticket cost, accommodation and daily expenditures, visa fees, registration fees and other extra expenses.  

"All travel requests shall indicate the total cost of travel (if they are to be met by the GoK funds or the organizers) for each person,"part of the memo reads

The MCAs and county ministers will also be required to furnish the Devolution PS with information on budget allocation for the trip and the relevant vote in printed estimates where the funds will be drawn from.

Both the Council of Governors and the County Assemblies Forum reacted angrily to the new regulations, terming them as an assault on devolution.

However, many Kenyans are supporting the move saying most of the MCAs have been wasting public money with their useless foreign trips.


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