MIKE SONKO’s former PA now claims his life in danger - Says the Governor wants to kill him as he names his would be assassins! See LIST

Wednesday October 31, 2018 - Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's Personal Assistant, Ben Mulwa, has claimed that his life in danger.

Mulwa, who was sacked by Sonko in January, three months after appointment, said he has received threats on his life following his fallout with his former boss.

He noted that Sonko had been tarnishing his name since their fallout and was now intending to harm him, citing a flow of events which had left him worried.

In a statement on his Facebook post, Mulwa revealed that two men closely affiliated to Sonko issued him with serious threats prompting him to report the matter to police.

"As of this morning, I have received direct and veiled threats from your two mercenaries namely Henry Shitanda and Eduardo Reuben Githaiga Muito, who are able-bodied adults who survive on handouts you give them. I have already made the necessary reports with the police," Mulwa said.

“Please be advised that based on threats I have received, including phone call you personally made to one of our mutual friends Tuesday morning.”

“If anything happens to my safety or life, you shall be held personally and squarely liable," he added.


  1. Aha, and why are you being threatened? These things don't just happen bwana. What are you not telling us in this mattter? Stop filtering info bra, sema yote cos Wakenya tumechanuka. Ukitaka tukusaidie, fungua roho iwe safi. They say that truth sets one free. Hebu cheki Jacque vile amehepa noose ya shingo kwa kutoa habari kamili kwa police. So ata wewe toa habari kamili wacha hii nusunusu, utamaliswa buda. Hao wasee umegusa lunch box yao mahali.

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