MAINA KAMANDA says Kikuyu community members are not yet to decide on who to support in 2022- Are they planning to betray RUTO like RAILA?

Friday October 12, 2018-Former Starehe MP, Maina Kamanda, has said Kikuyu community members are yet to decide on who to support for presidency in 2022.

According to Jubilee Party lineup, Deputy President William Ruto is the immediate heir of President Uhuru Kenyatta once he retires in 2022.

But Maina who was speaking during the burial of legendary Kikuyu singer, Joseph Kamaru in Muthithi, Muranga County on Thursday, Maina said Kikuyu community is yet to decide on whom to support for Presidency in 2022.

“And Your Excellency the common people are supporting the handshake, it is only those who want seats that are opposing the handshake. We support you and our people will decide on what to do when that time comes (2022),” Kamanda told Uhuru who also attended the burial.

 The veteran politician, who has links to the infamous Mt Kenya mafia, also said President Uhuru Kenyatta, is still the Kikuyu community spokesman and nobody can replace him even when he retires in 2022.

“I want to say it clearly here that we as Mt Kenya we have only one spokesperson and it is you, your Excellency. Even if you retire, we will still follow you. So those other people moving around saying this and that should forget it, Kikuyus are not people to be sold by some people,” Kamanda roared.


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