JACQUE MARIBE and JOWIE will rot in jail- see the miracle that happened in Tanzania over MONICA KIMANI’s murder case

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Friday October 19, 2018-Detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have today arrested the third suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani.
Ms Kimani, 28, was killed on the night of September 20 and Citizen TV presenter, Jacque Maribe, and her lover, Joseph Irungu, alias, Jowie, are the prime suspects.
 According to detectives, there were three people who visited Monica Kimani’s apartment in Kilimani on the night of the murder and neigbours only recognized Jowie.
 Two suspects are said to have escaped but fortunately police have arrested one of them in Tanzania.
According to a senior DCI officer who requested anonymity, the name of the suspect has been withheld for security reasons.
 The detective also said the man will be interrogated at DCI offices and will eventually spill the beans on who really killed Monica Kimani.
Ms Kimani, who had just arrived from South Sudan, was found dead in the bathtub of her apartment. She was raped and her throat slit with a kitchen knife.
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  1. if the case is ukuyu see how they are active but if it's other Kenyans the case does not get the drive: wicked shit!

  2. Brainless samaki Anon 06:08. Not everything is Okuyo, Jangó, Kale, Wariahe nkt. An innocent girl was horribly slaughtered in her home by godless demons and you bring your bigotry in this? You sure are foggy headed. Puh!

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