It’s too late for JACQUE MARIBE to distance herself from JOWIE- See how DICKIMIZATION messed up her brain.


Jowie is a sociopath, highly sexual, charismatic, attractive, fun, romantic with all affable characters that can win the heart of a woman yet he lacks empathy and compassion,these can be attested by the fact that he had organised a fundraising for his supposedly "dead father."
His physique, facial structure, convincing control of gaits can confuse many as he will snatch and bag all the attention at that given moment.While mouths are dropping,he is busy scanning the environment and sussing out who fits his target list.
His personality makes him highly attracted and attracts women with power or within promixity to power.He is what we refer to us "the big game hunter."If these type of men approach you,don't try to think that he is seen you on that day only, no, no and no.He is already done his thorough classified profiled research,identified all your weaknesses, followed you on social media, places where you drink and gotten little help from maybe workmates whom without knowledge of his plans have filled the remaining dots for him.
Before you know it you are sandwiched between octane love and illusions.Making romantic gestures, throwing complements here and there in manner that makes you replace Eve in the garden of heaven.Love bomb you, spin you in manner that makes you willingly give your passwords and pins.You disclose all the secrets because you're drunk in love.

When you discover the shit they are and you're about to move on,they reel you in again and these time it's you who'd be thinking you're crazy because that's how hooked you are into their game.They deploy gashlighting, triangulations and other means necessary to show the world you're the crazy one and you need some fixing. The push and pull game will keep you in that relationship whether you hold a doctorate or president of a Republic.
In most cases they use (motives for inducing romantic jealousy scale) these in Jowie's case can be seen on the women he targeted as VIP protection clients, single, attractive and highly independent women.How he would hold their bags, lead the way, carry them in some instances would make them feel that they have him and he's got them.By doing so he exerted power and control over Maribe and other women, made sure his strength was felt in the relationship and hence established his security in all the relationships. And that's how our sweet Jackie got trapped without seeing his so many weaknesses.

Here is the thing, none of it is real and being monogamous is like a honeybadger protecting your honey.Am 100% sure that he placed a bet on Jackie while drinking with the boys that he'd bed her.Drunk stupidly that night and laughed and when the princess said yes, aged whiskies were flying left right and centre.
These was a highly profile achievement that would get him contacts and the necessary network connection that Jackie had established through her day to day engagements with with the top layer personalities.
At this point it's too late to unlove or distance herself from the relationship. Let them fight it together the same way she drove him from hospital to hospital. Am sure it's not the first red flag incident that could have seen her walk away.If she chose love then let love be it.


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