Monday October 22, 2018-New details have emerged over how President Uhuru Kenyatta worked overboard to ensure that his political nemesis Raila Odinga get a top job with African Union.
 On Saturday, AU appointed Raila Odinga as High Representative of Infrastructure and Development in Africa.
Following his appointment, details have emerged over how Uhuru used his international connection to ensure the Mzee gets the well paying job.
According to Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Monica Juma, an agreement on the appointment of the Former Premier was reached upon in April when Chairman of AU Commission Mousa Mohamat visited Kenyatta.
“Appointment of Raila by Mahamat and the President’s endorsement was made in pursuit of Africa’s integration agenda,” Juma said .
Odinga's new job is the first one within AU with a new established office, meant to promote integration, cross-border trade and regional projects including railways and roads as well as in the energy sector running from North to South, East to West of Africa.


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