Friday, October 12, 2018-Flashy city businessman, Evans Gor Semalang’o, is  mourning the death of his dog which died this week at his lavish residence.

The youthful businessman found the dog  outside his compound with blood oozing from its mouth, a sign that it could be poisoned.

Semalango’s dead dog which was taken to  Lee Funeral home and  given a royal send off  was  valued at Ksh 350,000.

It was a  Russian Military attack dog that he valued  so much and that’s why he gave it  a royal send off.

For us to establish the real motive of what really transpired, we would have involved police investigations. But that said, we gave the dog a be-fitting send off. It was our friend and had served us well. This was not your ordinary security dog. It was a Russian military attack dog. You don’t just get this anywhere.” Semalang’o said.


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  1. uchaluo ni gharama

  2. Come i sell you a GSD for a fraction of that fee dude. Equally ferocious and protective. I have like 10. Enter my abode uninvited and you are mince meat.