Thursday, October 19, 2018-The late Monica Kimani was tortured and killed at her Kilimani apartments the same day she jetted from South Sudan, where she was operating unknown businesses.

When Monica jetted to the Country, she was carrying a lot of money in foreign currencies.

Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joseph Irungu alias, Jowie, is the main suspect in the brutal murder of Monica.

He accessed Monica’s apartment using a fake ID card to carry out the heinous murder.

He tied her  hands like a goat and  tape tied her mouth to stop her from screaming and then  slit her throat.

The late Monica was killed like an animal and this photo from detectives taken in the crime scene proves that Jowie had no mercy when butchering her.

Here’s the photo  of the late Monica that has been displayed in  the prosecution file.


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  1. that is really sad.

    thugs operation in uniform saw the money and the devil in them found that was the best option they had for them to steal the money. That's the effect of an zombie IQ - they kill cos that's the level of there thinking capacity.

    If they were educated that wouldn't have happened.

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  2. how dare this spineless killer?? justice for her.