Thursday October 18, 2018-Senior officers at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are said to be unhappy with the way President Uhuru Kenyatta is reforming the National Police Service (NPS).

In a meeting chaired by DCI boss, George Kinoti on Wednesday, senior DCI officers expressed concerns over how the government is reforming the police service.

Last month, President Kenyatta’s announced a new structure in the police force that requires a common command structure such that DCI detectives will be reporting to the respective commander in their stations.

For instance, those working in the counties will be reporting to the County Police Commander unlike before when they were only responsible to their DCI heads.

Another concern reportedly raised during the meeting with Kinoti was the fact that the new command structure will see all DCI officers demoted to a rank lower than their colleagues in the rest of the Police service.

The crisis meeting ended with the resolution that Kinoti should seek audience with the head of state so that they can better explain their concerns.


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