Here is what UHURU told CNN’s RICHARD QUEST over Chinese loans that are bothering many Kenyans - The son of JOMO is doesn’t care

Wednesday October 31, 2018 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the country's relations with China saying measures are in place to control foreign debt. 

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Richard Quest, Uhuru also dismissed claims that Kenya is over-borrowing from China adding that the State gets funds from other nations as well.

Uhuru cited the US, African Development Bank, France's AFD, Japan, and the World Bank as some of the partners. 

“We are familiar with all arguments about China and their loans, but why focus only on one lender when we have a mix of lenders like Japan, France and USA?" Uhuru said.

“I am not worried about us borrowing, my only worry would be if that debt goes to interfere with our current expenditure," Uhuru added.

The Head of State said Kenya is ready and willing to partner with any country that will help it achieve its development agenda. 

“Our focus for now is to close the infrastructure gap in terms of roads and railway lines while creating businesses and employment for our youth,” he said.


  1. Then why the emails to alleged employee defaulters that are currently arriving at our in boxes yet the damn paye is chopped at source? Ata atuoni hizo pesa na macho. Hapo KRA kuna mtu analala singizi mzito.

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