Here is the ‘BLIND PILOT’ that wants to fly UHURU even to the US-He says sky is the limit as he dreams big

Friday October 19, 2018-Daniel Odongo, popularly known as the blind pilot, counts his blessings everyday ever since he got the chance to see for the first time, 25 years after his birth.

Speaking during an interview, Onyango opened up on how he braved the odds and emerged a pilot after struggling with blindness most of his life.

 Initially, he was a dreamer but his dream was buried in darkness and all he could cling on to was hope.

 "I was born on August 24, 1992, and for the first three years of my life I lived a regular life.”
 “One day my dad sent me to the kitchen to get a spoon.”

 “I fumbled and knocked over a stool while I searched for the spoon.”

“I could not see a thing so I kept struggling to find what I was sent to get.”
 “That is when my father knew I had a disability.”

 “He told my mum he was not willing to live with a kid who could not see," Odongo narrated.

  According to him, growing up was a challenge. After being chased out of their home, the pilot and his family had to seek refuge at his grandmother's house.

  "I had nine siblings and we could not all fit in my grandma's tiny house.”
 “My mother moved back in with my dad but she could not take me with her because I was the reason they broke up in the first place.”

 “I was taken in by some nuns when my grandma fell ill and I joined school.”

 “I got a B-(minus) in my KCSE and was called to university," he continued.

 Odongo regained his sight after a doctor coerced him to undergo an operation. After a few weeks, he could see clearly and the world was beautiful!

 Daniel studied at Kenyatta University where he majored in Education, later attaining a First Class Honours.

 He enrolled for aviation classes through a hustle and learnt to fly planes, although he needs another Sh 5 million to complete his studies.

 Even though he has flown a plane to and from Mombasa, his dream is to fly President Uhuru Kenyatta before he retires in 2022.

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