Thursday, October 18, 2018- Willy Paul came to the limelight as a Gospel singer but he has been drifting with every new song leaving tongues wagging.

The ‘Jig Jig’ singer has been bashing his critics on social media after he announced that he’s about to release a song with secular Jamaican singer, Samantha J.

Samantha J came to fame in 2013 with her ratchet song, ‘Tight Skirt’

While making the announcement on Instagram, he shared photos of himself and the Jamaican singer during a video shoot.

However, some fans questioned his sincerity in the gospel industry something that eked him and he didn’t hold back with his responses.

See the photos below and comments.

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  1. the world is lot and relay on CRE for the Christian life which is fur from bring true Christian. To the extent such sinful musician as many as you watch them in Shine TV don't know how to compose Christian songs from a satanic song.

    They should read the bible and let the Holy Spirit direct then and not the devil with his demons.

    Like this one: his destination is abyss for sure.