Full VIDEO of a Russian tourist assaulting security guards in Karen, He was arrested and released the same evening

Monday, October 8, 2018 - A Russian tourist was captured on camera assaulting security guards in Karen, Nairobi after he was ordered to sign the visitor’s book.

Instead of following the guards’ instructions, he came out of his car and started assaulting them.

The guards were forced to run for their lives as kicks and blows came in all directions.

The Russian tourist was arrested by cops and released the same evening, probably after dishing out a bribe.

Watch the full video of the incident


  1. Idiotic.... in this age and time of terrorism?! Duh! Our security guys needs to be trained in un armed combat skills. This clown should have been taken down mara hio hio. I cannot imagine an African doing half of what he did in Moscow and survives to tell the tale. What crew is that anyways, they do not have a backup crew nearby? That is endangering lives of the askaris and those they purport to protect.

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