Tuesday October 16, 2018-Early this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed former Inspector General of Police, David Kimaiyo as the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) chairman.

Uhuru appointed Kimaiyo with a view of changing the face of KNH which was facing many scandals including corruption and raping of nursing mothers by mortuary attendants.

However under Kimaiyo’s tenure the hospital has become worse than it was one year ago.

The Hospital is being run by thugs and it is now a miracle for somebody to be treated there without being mistreated by clerical officers, nurses or doctors.

One of the dirty things Kimaiyo has done is that he has awarded his company a tender of securing Kenyatta Hospital.

According to blogger, Robert Alai, Kimaiyo’s private security firm is being paid million of shillings monthly by Kenya’s taxpayers as Kenyans continue to die at the biggest referral hospital in East Africa.

Former police boss David Kimaiyo just went to KNH as Chairman so as to have his private security firm in place. And the guards just man parking lots. Nothing else. Kimaiyo is a complete waste!” Alai wrote on Twitter.


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  1. Kampuni gani hio? Wee taja majina wacha kupitapita kando. Hii ni mwaka wa kubomoa ukora yote!