Ex-KTN journalist MOHAMMED ALI is now carrying the loot for RUTO, he has become a bootlicker (VIDEO)

Monday, October 1, 2018 - Before ex-KTN journalist, Mohammed Ali, got into politics, he used to criticize Deputy President William Ruto.

Moha used to call Ruto a thief and a murderer who is not fit to hold any public office.

But he has now become a bootlicker of the Deputy President.

During Ruto’s visit to the Coast over the weekend, Mohammed Ali was seen carrying Ksh 5 million for him in a fundraising event.

The money was put in a big envelope.

Most of the money Ruto gives out in harambees is alleged to be proceeds of corruption.

Moha has become a spanner boy and bootlicker of Ruto.

Check out this video.


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