Citizen TV’s SEXY KAMBUA loses her cool, tells off a fan for asking her when she will give birth

Tuesday, October 09, 2018 - Talented gospel singer and TV host, Kambua Manundu, is clearly sick and tired of people judging her for being childless.

The mellow-voiced singer has been married for six years but has not been blessed with the fruit of the womb.

The Bado Nasimama singer’s private life has come under intense scrutiny not only for lack of children but also her decision to get married to a man that is way older.

While she has hitherto been forced to explain why she is still yet to start a family, people have continued to bring the issue up every now and then.

This time, Kambua, lost her cool when a fan asked her the same question on social media.

"When are you having kids?" The fan by the name Musa asked her.

"I am just trying to make you see the sense of having a family. Think about it, hawa wanaume ni wengi na hawajui kujitetea kuna mmoja amenitusi hapa."

Kambua did not take it lightly and fired back.

"Don't come up here telling me about Moses and overseeing commandments. You are not Moses. You are a bully hiding under Christianity. Do better," said Kambua."So you think you can sit on a high horse and tell me what the Bible commands about having children? Failure to which, what happens? I'll go to hell?" she added.

Kambua has become an advocate for ladies without kids and wants people to stop judging her and others because they don’t know their story.

She reckons that motherhood is a calling and people should stop making ladies feel less because they don’t have kids.

She wrote:

“I don’t have the luxury of living a ‘private’ life and have often been the subject of ridicule and mockery for being ‘childless’.

“Motherhood is a calling. A great one. But it’s not the only one. Stop all these kosokoso of making people feel ‘less than’ because they are not moms, by choice or circumstance.

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