Tuesday, October 16, 2018-Citizen TV news anchor, Yvonne Okwara, is mourning the death of her elder brother, Albert, who was deaf and blind.

She took to social media to share the heartbreaking news
I’ve lost my beloved brother! A few years ago, I gained the courage to speak about his disability and our family’s long journey with him. So many of you reached out to me and were kind and empathetic! I thank you.” She wrote.

“My journey with Albert Okwara is now over, at least in this realm. He left us as peacefully and as quietly as he lived his entire life. My heart is broken, but my memories are full. Goodbye my beloved Albert! Fly with the angels….!

The screen siren opened up on the challenges of taking care of her disabled brother two years ago with a post on social media.

“You see, my brother has a disability. Allow me to introduce you to him. Albert Okwara was born close to 50 years ago. He is deafblind. And yes, it is one word.

“The world of disability is a lonely one! The road has been lined with tears, pain, dashed hopes. But it has also had wonderful lessons that have made me who I am today! Let me explain, Albert is deafblind. He does not see, speak or hear.

“His perception of the world has been through his primary caregiver, his mother. My mother! We have cared for him, fed him, clothed him and bathed him for close to 5 decades now. Today the round-the-clock care continues.

“Many times I have asked myself how different life would be if he had just one of the senses. What would he say to me? About my work? Life choices?

“Wish he could have been the big brother to shield me from the bullies. Stand behind him when those people in my neighborhood where I grew up said nasty things (you know who you are).

“Wished he could have walked me down the aisle. Instead, it was the other way around. I had to grow up fast. Be the ‘big sister’. I bathed him, clothed him and fed him and protected him from the world that has such high levels of ‘perfection’ that it shuns anyone who seems ‘less than perfect’.

“Sometimes I mourn my lost childhood but it was for a good cause. For a man who is a pure.

 "For that is what Albert is. He has seen no evil, heard no evil and uttered no evil. “Literally! His soul is pure. No ill will. No malice. And that is why I will fight to the death for him. 

"Sacrifice everything for him.”
The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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