BONIFACE MWANGI has a message for corrupt politicians and land grabbers like RUTO-in the end, a shithole awaits you.

Yesterday l was with a couple of friends digging a latrine. I was shocked to realize that a latrine hole is wider, bigger, and deeper than a grave. A shithole is bigger than the graves we dig for our loved ones! You see, we work everyday, very hard, acquire so much but end up in a hole smaller than a latrine. If you reflect deeply, you will realize, the people closest and dearest to your heart can fit in one room. We work hard, refuse to rest, spend endless hours on social media following people’s lives, envying them, asking ourselves how we can acquire more. There is no happiness in more, there is happiness in contentment.

There was a man in Kenya called Nicholas Biwott aka Total Man. He was feared and hated. When he died, bloggers say he was buried in a gold bullet-proof casket that was imported at a cost of Sh100 million. That coffin was lowered into a hole smaller than the latrines we use everyday in the village. Nigeria’s Venture Financial Magazine had listed Biwott among the top 50 billionaires in Africa with a net worth of over Sh100 billion. When he died, he left zero to charity. (You can read his story here Biwott lived a horrible and evil life but if he had any conscience left in him, he could have left some of his wealth to a charitable cause, hopefully do some good at the end of his life.

So this post is for every big thief and those people whose names come up in every scandal. The number one in the book of landgrabbers. Take a screen shot and send it to them or their relatives. Share this post on their timeline. Tell them; In the end, your body shall be lowered in a hole. Dirt will be thrown into that hole. None of the money or land you have stolen will be buried with you. Do some good now. Donate your money and help build public parks not malls, public libraries and community centres, not churches which most people access once a week to give more money to their pastors. Sporting facilities for free public use. 

Donate some of the land you or your parents stole to settle squatters and slum dwellers. Let your wealth help bring dignity, joy and life to the people who your actions dispossessed.
Immortalize yourself by good deeds. Let your money make a positive difference. Rockerfeller was a ruthless and brutal businessman who crushed and bribed his competition. He made billions and gave away billions at the end of his life. Today, The Rockerfeller Foundation's mission is to improve the well-being of humanity around the world. That’s how you "photoshop" your history, by doing good and not bribing the media to tell flowery stories about you. In the end, a shithole awaits you. #SemaUkweli #TeamCourage

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