A Somali man who dated Citizen TV’s JACQUE MARIBE for 8 months reveals why he dumped her.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - This Somali man called Mohammedwardi claims that he dated Citizen TV’s anchor, Jacque Maribe, for eight months and revealed why he dumped her.

According to this Somali man, he dumped Jacque Maribe because she is an alcoholic.

The embattled Citizen TV anchor is a well known drunkard and a crazy party animal.

In fact, she met her killer fiance in a bar in January and few months down the line, they moved in together.

Here’s what the Somali man who claims to be Jacque Maribe’s ex-lover posted.

See his photo.

  1. spoken English hasn't reached Somaliland due to bad roads

  2. Enter your comment...you ddint deserve her either you have poor english

  3. its better she dumped you..somebody who cannot construct a single English sentence

  4. Aiii kwani huyu alitombwa na nchi nzima.Malaya mkubwa shindwe

  5. I don't see how Jackie would love a guy who is almost illiterate ! You just want to be noticed! Fishes will always swim, even in mucky waters!

  6. How come every Tom and Dik want to claim how much they know about Maribe? Hi give Jackie a break.she has enough trouble for now.

  7. Get your Eglish grammar right first Mr!

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