Why are some top state officials demanding for JOWI’s release? Late MSANDO and JUMA’s connection.

Sometimes I tend to think too much.

This Joseph "Jowie" Irungu character rattles my mind. Thinking about a lady sitting in a bath tub, lifeless with her throat slit open as "Jowie" ransacks the house for money. Kills a woman after pumping his semen into her. The coward had to ejaculate on his victim before killing her. How careless for a "serious" terminator. Uses a car, registered in the name of his "fiance" to and from the crime scene. A poor attempt at camouflage, "kanzu," fake ID and all. A "self inflicted" wound posted on social media; for what effect?

Thinking about a "pyscho" who loves guns and violence, with no known address, living off women. I am thinking about a settled criminal. I am thinking about a man with illegal weapons and bullets. If his weapons are indeed licensed, on what grounds was such a license issued? Who issued "Jowi" with a firearms certificate? I am thinking about bravado and carelessness brought about by the imagination of being "untouchable."

Where are the clothes he was wearing on the day he was purportedly shot? Why did he drive to far away medical facilities instead of seeking treatment in the nearest hospital after being shot? Why did he switch off his phone after leaving the dead girl's apartment? To manufacture the circumstances for an alibi, including the alleged gunshot wound? Who tampered with the CCTV cameras?

I am thinking about a sick, unintelligent man, who left his semen oozing from a dead woman's privates. A greedy and desperate man who poses as a security agent. A man who will kill for money. Jowie's famous "engagement" to Maribe comes at a time when the electoral season has come to a close, and with the "handshake" security handymen, Cambridge Analytica and "terminators" are no longer desired.

I am thinking about a man who proposed to Jacquie Maribe, the journalist, not because he loved her, but pretended to love her in order to find a place to stay, get attached to a "famous girl" to fake normalcy as he lays in wait for his next victim or contract. I am thinking about a man who has infected Maribe with urge to tell lies.

I am thinking about a man who offered "security" services to the ruling party. Why would government functionaries hire a private security contractor and yet they have unfettered access to highly trained state security agents? What was the motivation for "Jowie," an unemployed civilian to continue sharpening his "marksmanship" skills in Nairobi's shooting ranges? What or who was he eventually aiming at?

Thinking about a man who is bragging that his "case will go nowhere." I am curious about "state officers" who visited him in custody. Not every other murder suspect gets a visit from faceless "state officers." Governor Obado has not had any such visit in Industrial Area remand prison. Has "Jowie" worked with or for the "deep state" in the past? Is he an angel of death for the "deep state"?

Why would "state officers" want a potential murder suspect, accused of killing an innocent girl released from police custody? What is the motivation for the visit? Deep state agent exposed? Debriefing? The visit a warning to him not to speak about past engagements lest he find himself hanging by his throat in the cells? Maybe this was not "Jowie" first "termination" of human life. Maybe he has done it before under some "protection" and now was in the habit and mood of "always getting away with it." Maybe underlined.

My mind quickly flashes back to the bloody season of a series of macabre murders in 2016 and 2017. First Jacob Juma. Shot by a "lone gunman," cold on Southern bypass. His car is moved to Langata police station at left there in the rain without any serious forensic formalities. Again, CCTV provides zero clues as to who fired the bullets that "terminated" Jacob Juma's life. Only theories and tales from investigators.

Then to Chris Msado and Carol Ngumbu. How Msando's car is dumped many kilometers away from where he is killed. Incisions on his right hand. Strangled. Carol Ngumbu equally strangled, teeth knocked out and body is dumped over 1km away from Msando's. No sane mind can forget the casual manner with which the police handle the scene of crime. How his lifeless body is carelessly on display at City mortuary for all to see. Again over 1 hour of CCTV footage around CBD and its environs, video goes cold and Msando's killers go for the jugular. The tales continue......"no stone will be left unturned."

So when the murder of Monicah Nyawira catches you a fish like "Jowie," who faceless "state officers" want released, that fact alone should stir any investigator to dig deeper. It is only natural that you examine any past homicides involving guns, bullets, cars, knives, cuts to the body, including that of Chris Msado, for consistency against the criminal profile of Joseph "Jowie" Irungu.

That wholly depends on how meticulous the police want to apply themselves and what material evidence exists from the murder scenes of Msando, Juma and Ngumbu.

I am not suggesting anything. I am just thinking.........

  1. This is a gang of demons who said it is a government. They are harvesters of man kind, vultures. Shidwe katika jina la Yesu.

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