We love MIKE SONKO’s leadership style – Nairobians say after Pumwani Maternity Hospital scandal.

Thursday September 20, 2018-Majority of Nairobians have said they are supporting Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko’s leadership style where he is sacking all lazy and corrupt county officials.

On Wednesday there was a debate on social media where many middle class citizens castigated the governor for suspending doctors and management of Pumwani Hospital after he unearthed a baby trafficking scam on Sunday.

Most of the people took to social media and advised the governor to handle the Pumwani issue the formal way and stop engaging in public relations stunts.

However majority of poor Nairobians are supporting Sonko ‘s courageous move to sack the 'Hyenas of Pumwani".

 Here are some comments from Kenyans after middle class  condemned him for unearthing a baby selling syndicate at Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

I can now understand why Governor Mike Sonko does what he does. He’s the voice Wanjiku relates with. And as the elites might not resonate with him, the common man & Woman appreciates his style of leadership & he’s not in office that long. Give him a break,” wrote Ahmed Mohamed.

Mike Sonko is misunderstood by the middle class but loved by the poor,” Lee Makwiny wrote.

Sonko has mastered the art of pissing off the middle class. Middle class thinks Sonko is an illiterate buffoon yet the same middle class forms 100% of the lazy, corrupt, uninspiring lethargic workforce with no work ethics that delivers ZERO VALUE between 8AM and 5PM,”Duncan Makori wrote.


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