Wednesday, September 12, 2018-A shocking accident scene involving a matatu that was heading to Ngong was recorded by an eye-witness and shared on social media.

The speeding matatu lost control and veered off the road and then turned upside down.

Ngong matatus are infamous for recklessness on the road.

The drivers don’t follow traffic rules and they get away with it because most of those matatus are owned by prominent Kenyans.

Check out this video from the accident scene.


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  1. take a very limited education,the frustrations of being a Kenyan in these present times,mugika,concoction of weed and.changaa and the assurance that you will never be caught because afande on the highway amekula kakitu and is only their for photographic purposes then the results is clearly what is depicted in this video.Of course wale walikula kiapo wakasema they will do their jobs diligently to serve Kenyans are sleeping on the job or they don't care how many Kenyans die on the road as long as its not not them.May God help us