That moment when 2 commercial planes nearly crashed on Kenyan airspace, it would have been the worst accident in Aviation history (VIDEO)

Monday, September 10, 2018 - 2 commercial planes nearly crashed mid air on Kenyan airspace last week around Naivasha.

The two planes missed each other by a minute and all the action was caught on the radar.

The planes involved belong to Ethiopian Airline and Italian Leisure Airline.

The near accident which would have occurred in Naivasha was averted by the TCAS system that alerts pilots on an impending collision.

After receiving caution from the in-flight traffic collision system known as TCAS, one of the pilots made a sudden climb to avoid the oncoming plane.

Check out this video.


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Nilisikia Kocho Kocho Kwa kitanda yangu huku akisema "gwara hapo, tetema",Kumulika Nikaona Huyu

Mke wangu ni mtamu hata singependa mtu amkaribie hata kama ni nani.Mimi ni simba,nikinguruma wanauma hujikunja mkia ndani.Lakini bibi yang...

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