Friday September 28, 2018-Nominated MP David Ole Sankok has alleged that among the issues President Uhuru Kenyatta is struggling with is NASA leader Raila Odinga besides his Big Four agenda.

Speaking yesterday, Sankok urged Kenyans not to evade paying tax so that President Uhuru Kenyatta's regime could pay Raila's remuneration and fund some of his foreign tours.

He noted that since Raila rushed to meet with Uhuru at Harambee House on the 9th of March, things have never been the same again, noting that life has become unbearable.

He said the handshake was an expensive affair which came with a heavy burden on the shoulders of taxpayers.
Therefore, Uhuru must exhaust all avenues to bankroll the four time Presidential loser now in bed with the Jubilee Government.
"I want to urge Kenyans to pay tax so we can pay Raila.”

“It is you who swore him as the People's President and he came with handshake (sic),"Sankok said.

"And now there is huge expenditure on side of the Government to pay him and his people.”

“We have graduated him to international mourner and that needs funding.”

“Let’s support the 8% fuel tax levy," he added.



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