Sunday September 9, 2018-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop borrowing in order to ease the burden on Kenyans and reduce the country’s debt burden.

Speaking in Bondo yesterday where he attended a function at the home of his nephew, Jaoko Oburu, Raila said Uhuru can achieve his Big Four Agenda without subjecting already burdened Kenyans to more taxation.

He called on the President to create a conversation to end all the nonsense to do with the fuel tax for Kenyans to move on.

“The debt is already too heavy for Kenyans to carry and we are calling on the Government to find ways of raising funds without raising taxes,” Raila said.

“I can advise Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich on how they can deal with the debt burden.”

“It can be done because we did it during the Grand Coalition Government,” he added.



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  1. Jakom okoa hii watu.

    Taxation is slow murder of the economy... it is not a fundraiser! Which investor will be attracted by high taxes especially on key inputs such as fuel, electricity and other utilities?!! Which school did our leaders go to! Even a green horn like me can understand the negative impact of high taxes. Just review your notes of ECO101. Hii cat napata 30/30 ata kama nimefunga macho.

    Son of Jomo you were already scoring huge points on the anti-corruption/impunity fight but you just wiped all that chalked up marks with one swipe by this ill advised tax. Phoooop, all gone! Why yet one minute ago we were all in one corner and thieving gang were boxed in the other receiving a hiding of their sorry A&%$d lives?

    Kumbuka Taj Mall bado inanyetta pale bypass, ama bei ya mafuta ime-affect ma-tinga za kanjo?