Statement from Sponsors Association of Kenya following the death of SHARON OTIENO plotted by OKOTH OBADO.

Dear ladies.

I hope this letter finds you well. As the association of sponsors we thank you for always rubbing our bellies and providing heart therapy with your beautiful and lovely word.

We appreciate your efforts towards relieving our marriage stresses,burdens and bringing our youth days back.

Who are we without you? Your efforts can't go unrewarded and this is why we give you thousands of weekly allowances, days out in prestigious hotels and we lavish you with what is trending.

We love you and appreciate you being there for us.

However you need to note that;

1. I am only your sexual partner and i pay for it through monetary favors

2. I am married, with kids and a wife, the only person allowed to sire me kids is my wife,not you.

3. Incase you get pregnant that kid is yours, you can't blackmail me for upkeep for the kid and threaten my marriage and you expect nothing from me. Don't ask what I expected when I slept with you unprotected. My was pleasure not attachment.

4. If you insist on babies upkeep, kindly send an application with it attached,your fathers invoices on how much he spent on you also your mum invoices on food he used to raise you. That's what I will provide.

5. Lastly if things don't work between us,don't involve the media. I never involved them when I was spoiling you.

We hope you keep this to your self and always remember that our wives are not equal to you,they come first.

Sponsors association of Kenya.

Spokes person.

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