Shut up and tighten your belts - Arrogant Equity Bank CEO JAMES MWANGI to Kenyans complaining about 16% VAT on fuel (VIDEO)

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018 - Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi, has given his two cents on the 16% VAT on fuel and urged Kenyans to stop complaining.

Mwangi said that Kenyans should stop throwing tantrums and tighten their belts for a prosperous future.

“Essentially what we are seeing is the cost of transformation.”

“We can’t wish and enjoy a ride on the standard gauge railway line but we are not willing to tighten our belts.” 

“As a generation, we may need to pay a bigger price for our children.”

“We can’t keep on postponing.”

“Two years is just like a flick of time, it will be here with us and we will still push it like we pushed it two years ago,” Mwangi said.

Last week, MPs voted to suspend the implementation of the VAT Act 2013 for a further two years but it was too little too late.

Treasury went ahead with the implementation and all eyes on President Uhuru who has the last say by signing the bill into law.

Meanwhile, Kenyans are already taking the heat with increased fuel prices having a direct impact on the cost of living.

However, many have found Mwangi’s sentiments distasteful, arrogant and insensitive to the suffering of majority of Kenyans who are the hardest hit by the…

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