SHOCK! How ABABU caught his wife PRISCAH having SEX with their shamba boy in the toilet at their Budalangi home! The saga with his white LOVER

...the jewel in the crown of our entire extended family. We will not sit back and watch some bitter people with no morals drag his name through mud”, said Peter Okochi, Ababu’s uncle. “I have watched Ababu grow up in church. I have walked with him through his leadership journey. He is the most responsible and honorable young man I know. The attempts to smear his name are evil but will fail for the word of God promises that no weapon fashioned against a good man shall prosper”, says Pastor Buta of Port Victoria, Ababu’s hometown.

“Priscah is playing victim when it’s well known even here at Kengen that Ababu threw her out for infidelity, heavy drinking and irresponsibility,” her colleague at Kengen told us. 

Apparently while Ababu was initially serious about Priscah, he grew cold feet way back in December 2011 when Priscah was caught in the act with one of Ababu’s workers in a toilet in his country residence. 

The worker was promptly fired and later confessed on recorded audio on how he was enticed. 

The cheating escalated to a workplace affair with one Charles Wainaina, a junior procurement officer at Kengen. Even after his transfer to Sondu Miriu power station in Homabay County, the illicit affair between Wainaina and Priscah, an Administrative Assistant at Kengen, continued. 

“We all knew about the lunchtime sex and stolen moments and believed it was only a matter of time before she was busted”, offers one of Priscah’s supervisors at Kengen.

Citizen Daily News has unearthed several other tales of cheating that include one Nyambane Onsarigo, a supposed Pastor Jerry Patrick, shoe vendor Martin, one Nick who is a dance trainer with JossyZumba and even a friend’s husband that works for Zuku. 

Priscah also drinks heavily has experience of marijuana and loves pornography and sharing filtered photos of herself on social media. 

“When drunk you cannot believe what my friend is capable of. She even forgets where the panties dropped and staggers home bilaz”, offers a friend married to an MP.

Contrary to what has been in the social and print media, we have further established that it is Ababu who actually got rid of Priscah. But Priscah has tried all tricks to get back. Indeed as recently as last week Priscah was desperately reaching out to Ababu’s relatives to plead with him to allow her back. 

In fact, the slander published in social media and some tabloid papers has been calculated as a ploy to pressure Ababu to cave in. But we are told the Foreign Affairs CAS has sworn not to “return the painful thorn into his foot”. 

Ababu apparently remained trapped for years in a bad relationship for fear of repercussions on his political career. 

“As a family we never approved of the relationship in the first place. Priscah was never a girl fit for Ababu. But he somehow got entrapped. We are so happy he is finally free. We will not let him fall back into that trap again”, says Prof. Tom Namwamba, Ababu’s big brother.

Citizen Daily News have confirmed that the smear campaign against Ababu originates from Priscah to slander his image as she paints herself the “angel” victim

“She vowed to teach him a lesson and wants to see Ababu’s image soiled and his public standing messed. She is also praying that smear can cause Ababu to lose his job so that he comes crawling back to her”, Catherine, who has known both for years told us. 

The smear mission is aided by a group of disgruntled boys and girls from Budalangi that Ababu dismissed from his political network for fraud and misconduct. 

The team is led by a cash-for-hire rogue teacher facing interdiction, one Maophan Otwalla who hails from Nyando and teaches at St. Benedict’s Budalangi High School. 

They help Priscah manufacture the falsehoods and feed them to social media and backwater tabloids like the Nairobian. They are supported by Ababu’s political enemies, including his wayward former political associates. 

The name of one Mombasa-based blogger was mentioned in this regard. As they say, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!

We have also gathered shocking details of how the 35-year old mother of three has abandoned her children as she slays and clubs all over town till dawn. She barely breastfed her third child because she was impatient to do a boob job and other body altering surgeries. 

“She almost died from the plastic surgeries which she arranged behind Ababu’s back”, discloses a Kamba girl that knew about the procedures. Once, the three children went to see her at her workplace but she refused to see them and instead called a taxi and got them dispatched back to their father’s house. 

“I have never seen a more cold-hearted woman!”, exclaims Irina Chama who knows her well. The closest Priscah gets to her children lately is to occasionally post some old pictures of them on social media. 

“This is a 35-year old mother who has simply refused to grow up and behaves like a teenager”, is the verdict of a relative.

Family and friends are unanimous that Ababu has done the right thing to free himself of a bad relationship. We have gathered that Ababu is totally focused on taking care of his children and his new career in the Foreign Service. 

“I have not seen my brother so calm, relaxed and genuinely happy in a long while”, Prof. Tom says and advices Priscah to let go of his brother and move on with her own life. 

“Priscah is obsessed with Ababu. She has this attitude that if I can’t have him I destroy him to the extent that no one else will have him. Ababu made Priscah who she is today. Fished her from the village and got her a job, paid for her college education and gave her status. We are not asking for her gratitude. We just want our brother to be left alone”.

All the relatives and friends we have talked to are unanimous that Ababu Namwamba is happy and unaffected by the propaganda being waged against him. 

“Ababu is relaxed and very happy. There must be good reasons that have put such a wide smile back onto his face”, says his brother Patrick Santos.


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