SHOCK! How ABABU caught his wife PRISCAH having SEX with their shamba boy in the toilet at their Budalangi home! The saga with his white LOVER

Via Citizen Daily News Correspondent.

The Ababu-Priscah saga has gripped the social media and tabloid psych like no other. But Ababu has kept silent throughout. A close friend has told Citizen Daily News that Ababu has made it clear he will not respond to what he considers “trash from lowlife louts“. 

The Foreign Affairs CAS who also previously served as Sports and Youth Affairs Minister is also said to be protecting his little children who are in his custody. We have confirmed however that together with his family they are filling a blockbuster defamation lawsuit against the Nairobian tabloid and their alleged sources of falsehoods that include fake priests and imaginary relatives.

We can now authoritatively report that Ababu and Priscah have never been married under any system of marriage. Ababu and his elders have never even visited Priscah Mwaro’s home. The whole marriage narrative apparently is a social media creation

“Priscah is nothing but an over-glorified girlfriend that overstayed her welcome “, says Achim Mube, a senior family elder, who adds that if every girl you date is a wife then everyone in the world is a divorcee! 

“Ababu has previously dated girls far much better than this woman who is screaming all over town. What is so special about her anyway?”, poses Patrick Santos Namwamba, Ababu’s brother who lives in Washington DC. “If we start auditing every girl we have ever looked at since high school we would set a Guinness world record for dating audits!”, quips Johny, another of the many Namwamba brothers that seem fervently protective of their lastborn kid brother.

We have confirmed that before Priscah, Ababu dated Eunice Kagure, his campus sweetheart currently a senior magistrate in Naivasha and American beauty Kelly Sullivan, now a prominent attorney who Ababu met while pursuing his Masters degree in International Law at American University in Washington, DC. He reportedly remains good friends with both ladies of the law.

One thing you notice from his dating history is that Ababu is quite the ladies man who has no problem hooking up with the very best and would therefore have no need for the wrongful sexual conduct being manufactured by malicious propaganda.

It casts serious doubts on the allegations of “incest” peddled about him. It is indeed curious that no one has directly quoted a single girl or parent of the “relatives” or “watchmen”  he is alleged to have been involved with

“We are the elders in this extended Namwamba family. We live in this home. We have raised Ababu. Who are these girls of these family he is being accused of messing with? What are their names? Who are their parents? And if these things happened many years ago, why were they never disclosed then?  Who are these elders being reported to be unhappy with Ababu”, asks Peter Okochi, a senior family elder. 

Peter laughs off the story of some watchman’s daughter. 

“Ababu’s home is protected by Kenya Police not some rungu carrying watchmen. What is the name of this watchman? What is the name of the daughter? Where is the child she gave birth to? Do you know if any watchman anywhere in the world had a daughter who was involved with Ababu in any way he would sing about it himself from all rooftops and not hide behind some silly third-rate tabloids and cheap blogs”, fumes Peter. 

“Ababu is just a victim of our immature immoral politics and peer jealousy of relatives and former friends like that fake priest David Olusi who was chased from Rome for stealing cups and attempting to rape a nun”, says Joseph who grew up with both Ababu and Fr. Olusi. We confirmed that Fr. Olusi has disappeared into thin air after the St. Nicholas Catholic Church Port Victoria where he was hiding after being thrown out of Rome asked him to substantiate his allegations.

We have established that three years ago Priscah posted on her Facebook page that she had gotten married to Ababu. She even changed her name to include “Ababu”. 

From then on she would post any picture she took with Ababu everywhere, even the intimate and private images. 

The goal was to reinforce the notion of marriage. It’s quite telling that at no time did Ababu ever share her said posts. 

“Ababu never married Priscah because she lost his trust at a critical moment. Simple as that”, Christine, a one-time close friend to Priscah says.

Citizen Daily News has gone behind the scenes to talk to multiple sources, including friends and relatives of both to uncover the full story. 

“As a family we are dismayed by these slanderous lies. Ababu is…

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