Wednesday September 12, 2018-The family of the slain university student Sharon Otieno has cancelled all the funeral preparations until further notice.

 Speaking yesterday, Sharon’s parents, Douglas Otieno and Melida Auma, said they will only bury her once Migori Governor Okoth Obado, who is believed to have murdered her in cold blood, is arrested and jailed.

 Melida told journalists they were waiting for the conclusion of investigations into their daughter’s death and the culprits who took her life to be brought to book.

 “We are not carrying out any burial preparations, we cannot talk much unless our lawyer divulges more information,” Sharon's mother was quoted as saying.

 Earlier on, Homa Bay MP Opondo Kaluma, who is also the family lawyer, had also hinted that no burial will take place until all who murdered Sharon are apprehended.

 “Kenya is usually a forgetful country and the moment we bury Sharon Otieno, we will forget everything to do with her death,” Kaluma said.


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  1. Suppose the evidence points elsewhere and not to the Governor? It is all about provenance and hard evidence and not mere suspicions. Unless the guy is a stark raving lunatic i cannot imagine him murdering his own unborn child, let alone a woman he has been having an open relationship with. Here the hesabu just do not add up properly. Lets just wait for the final whistle hoping against all hope a couple of mil do not change hands surreptitiously under the table during the cause of due process either at the police stage or at the judicial stage. Hii Kenya yetu yote yawezakna.

  2. Kwa kweli ninavyo ona Obado ni kaa amesetiwa juu hawezi panga mauaji na kisha mwanahabari aruke gari na awachiliwe aende then atowe siri.Hii maneno ya by-electon iko hapa..huyu PA na mwanahabari wafinywe vizuri waseme ukweli.