Saturday September 29, 2018-Joe Irungu, popularly known as Jowi, who is a fiancé of the popular TV girl, Jacque Maribe, and who is accused of killing business woman, Monica Kimani, is now a man under siege even in police custody.

This is after two groups of international mercenaries arrived Kenya following his arrest and detention.

According to reports, the mercenaries are working round the clock to prevent Jowi, a trained mercenary and assassin, from spilling the beans by any means necessary.

Having trained as a mercenary in Afghanistan, Jowi was in the process of firming up his own security company which he claimed specialized in close protection, VIP protection, executive protection and “special projects.

It is not clear how the mercenaries are planning to stop Jowi from spilling the beans.

Whether they are planning to assassinate him inside the police cell or to break him out is something we are all waiting to see.



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  1. has been the zombie/mungiki dog that has been killing Kenyans by his connection zombies only known from mt Kenya as usual.