SHARON OTIENO broke all the rules, Slay Queens having SEX with sponsors must read this before they become victims. of show off; each soul is empty, seeking validation through likes and comments. Resist this cartel, it is a scam. All want their friends on FacebookTwitterInstagram to find reason to like their posts. They want friends to feel miserable or, too ugly and conservative as to not get sponsors. New technology and the urge to always look better by showing exotic picnics or newly acquired cars and houses is the trap a few will escape.

Rule 7: Do not despise wives, they once were girls with firm breasts and cute, round and dancing buttocks like you. The lush grass of a season of rain should not besmirch anthills which have seen all weather. You are not the first slay queen. You will not be the last. Solomon of old had over 1000 women yet ended in that existentialist angst about orgasmic endeavours.

Rule 8: Master the thrills of rebellion and discern dangers. Defiance is so sweet that you may never know you've crossed the red line. People's wives and people's husband's are sweet because it plays in the psychology of conquering kingdoms of others. It is like the demon of land grabbing, it has no end.

Rule 9: Sexual infidelity gives many exits to its practitioners. The lady can drink many men and think she's a winner. She learns the possibilities of many other lovers and benefactors. She fails to know they know it is easy for them to blame anything and nothing once one of the many is culpable.

Rule 10: Village girls should keep off slaying. It is a way of city perverts. County governments are not cities, be smart. There are 46 counties in Kenya and 1 Nairobi City County.

Rule 11: Date men and women of your age. There is much in the difference of age because time cooks mankind in subtle yet profound ways. You stand no chance before a man or woman who sees you like their kid. Do not claim "I don't date boys; I date men" if you are a girl. Ngoma ya watoto haikeshi, usijiingize kwa jungu kuu maana halikosi ukoko.

"Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth." ~ Proverbs 5:18.

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