SHARON OTIENO broke all the rules, Slay Queens having SEX with sponsors must read this before they become victims.

Sharon broke ALL the Rules!

By Casualties of Nature

Rule 1: Do not get pregnant of a married man; only a number, perhaps only me, can stand that scandal. True slays do not conceive. Sharon Otieno became excited by the splendour of having an affair with a high man or men. She wanted to reach the bottom of that ocean of wealth and pomp. Sex, like drug addiction and a blind pursuit for wealth are bottomless. Whoever searches their bottoms ends before end.

Rule 2: A politician can do anything to save his career. Whoever threatens his image definitely faces what Evander Holyfield saw by trying to push Tyson out of the boxing ring. It is uglier when that politician is married.

Rule 3: Always know that the world ended; it is just looking for casualties to wrap up and decorate its apocalypse. The end is merciless to fools and the gluttonous.

Rule 4: Only the very witty and wealthy invite the media in scandals. Sharon is, in the words of Sembene Ousmane, a gazelle who was joining a stampede of camels. I can only imagine how she thought she had held the Migori supremo 'by the balls' just because she'd procured the services of a journalist. What else could such a God's Bits of Wood become other than fruits in a blender?

Rule 5: Girls, have mercy on your parents, especially your fathers. Do not sleep with them or their agemates. Where does this shame put those of us who are fathers of many daughters?

Rule 6: Be humble, cheza chini. This is a…

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Nilisikia Kocho Kocho Kwa kitanda yangu huku akisema "gwara hapo, tetema",Kumulika Nikaona Huyu

Mke wangu ni mtamu hata singependa mtu amkaribie hata kama ni nani.Mimi ni simba,nikinguruma wanauma hujikunja mkia ndani.Lakini bibi yang...

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