Wednesday September 19, 2018-Nairobi County Governor, Mike Sonko has been accused of mistreating members of his Cabinet who have been assisting him to deliver his manifesto to Nairobians.

According to one member of his Cabinet, who requested a condition of anonymity, Sonko who is among the least educated governors in Kenya has been treating CECs like tissue paper.

 The CEC said last week the governor publicly put one of his ‘absentee’ CECs on the spot for ‘developing the bad habit” of skipping his events.

He said Sonko’s rule is that CECs must attend ‘any and all’ his events wherever they are held.

They also must be ready for his phone calls, even in the middle of the night. 

“We are now used to him. He can call you at midnight and order you to travel to his Mua Home for a meeting and we have to do just that,” said the MCA.


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