See how Governor ALI KORANE is pouring money to cover-up shooting of MUKTAR and the murder MWAI, the man he hired to kill him

Monday September 3, 2018 - The family of former Garissa County finance CEC, Idris Mukhtar, who is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head has alleged a cover-up and demanded speedy, independent investigations.

Speaking yesterday, Aden Muktar, the father of Idris, and their lawyer, Charles Kanjama, accused police of lethargy saying they have been compromised by Garissa Governor Ali Korane to cover up the case.

They cited the release of some suspects, the changing of detectives involved in the investigation, and the death of a prime suspect, David Mwai, who allegedly hanged himself inside a busy police station while in police custody, as an indication of interference.

Mwai had reportedly confessed to having been hired by Korane to kill Idris before he mysteriously died in Parklands Police Station’s cells.

According to Kanjama, what happened to Mwai was part of the cover-up.

 “We are concerned about the mysterious death of David Mwai, who was going to provide critical evidence, the disappearance of his wife, and the testimony of the sister, which seems to give direction that there was an attempt to cover up a critical piece of the investigations,” the lawyer said.


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