Police Spokesman tries to explain how DAVID MWAI committed suicide inside cell and everybody thinks he is fooling Kenyans (VIDEO)

Sunday, September 2, 2018 - Police Spokeman, David Owino, had a hard time trying to explain to journalists how David Mwai, the key suspect in the attempted murder of former Garissa Finance CEC, committed suicide inside Parklands Police Station.

Owino insists that Mwai committed suicide despite his family accusing police of eliminating him to weaken the case where Garissa Governor Ali Korane is accused of plotting the murder of the former Finance CEC.

The police spokesman claims that Mwai excused himself to go to the toilet and hanged himself using a lining from his jacket.

He allegedly tied the lining on a water pipe inside the toilet and hanged himself.

From this video, you can tell that Owino is lying.

Just look at this facial expression that tells a lot.

But Kenyan journalists are lazy and too afraid to ask tough questions.

Here’s the video.


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