OBADO won’t escape SHARON’s murder - IT expert explains how GPRS that showed he was at Kodera Forest will send him to Kamiti.

GPS and GPRS. I want to be very vivid in explaining these two technologies. GPS is Global Position System while GPRS is General Packet Radio Services. Both can be used to find position of a Mobile phone but only if certain conditions are met.

The former is more precise than the latter.

While GPS uses satellite to relay location signals, GPRS uses mast/Tower/Booster as physical structure to relay positioning signals. If you are in Migori for example, there are some common mast/Tower/Booster which are visible.

For example, around main stage, you will easily see an example of telecommunication tower.
There is what we call LAC (Location Area Code) in GPRS, it uniquely identifies each mobile phone and its current location. All these activities are processed in the BTS (mast/Tower/Booster).

GPS can be faked or hacked as some of you put it but GPRS can never be faked/hacked.

You can only erase GPRS data by either accessing the Service provider’s server locally or in the cloud.

It will be an uphill task to erase/manipulate GPRS data as these servers are protected with state of art Firewalls. Don’t even try it as it will take you years to reach these servers
GPS. To hide your location, (1) You can simply disable GPS features in your phone, or (2) 

With help of some software, you can fake your location.

You can google, there are many unregister software to do this. Remember your GPS location can also be hacked. When using GPRS, It very difficult to hide your location when you phone is on.

To successfully hide your location, just switch off your phone and remove your SIM. You will never be located

To our Governor, if it is true your phone was located at Kodera Forest , then, you only have two options, ‘you were not with your phone during that period’. Or was your phone IMEI hacked?

It is high time you exploited these options before tomorrow.
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