By Newton Mwaura

Over lunch hour today i happenned to meet a mzee whom we shared a table somewhere in Njoro Town. He is about 68-74 yrs from my estimates. Lets call him (Clement) not real name.

The next table was a luvy duvy couple and he noticed, shaking his head sadly he narrated to me his life story. In 2013 the old man suffered a stroke and became partially paralysed.

His woes had started in 1998. Back in the early 80's and 90's Nakuru District produced rich men from timber industry more so the greater Molo and Njoro, he was one of them.

Mr Kamau had managed to buy a brand new Isuzu FVX , a peugeot 504 also new and a saw mill. This is in 1992.

His last born daughter is 35years old...meaning he is a grandfather.

He was a reknowned timber seller and saw miller. He incorporated his wife into the business as an account signatory, he was to manage the saw mill, buy logs from forest, the wife was to ensure delivery to clients.

Life was good and the business was doing well. 

In 2000 his wife left for Mombasa to deliver timber to a prominent person who had ordered for the equivalent of 10 trucks meaning he took a loan to finance the project. He had also bought 2 new trucks and registered them in his wife's name. 

On the 9th and 10th trip the wife never returned home, she simply sold the trucks and settled in Mombasa.

Efforts to talk to her to at least help in loan repayment failed and mzee's farm was auctioned in 2013 and he suffered a stroke. The loot was squandered and yes the wife is back in Nakuru today and very desperate....

His perspective about life changed and he is somehow disturbed, his younger brothers whom he had educated have been supporting him and he has 2 Matatus now.

Residents of Njoro/ Molo know this story better as he is a common figure. 

With that we parted ways without even exchanging contacts.

What makes people to change one day 100% without a signal?

BUT like we say in this timeline...everyone to be thinned by theirs.


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