Tuesday September 11, 2018 - Detectives from the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have ordered Migori Governor, Okoth Obado, to undergo a DNA test to prove that he was not involved in the murder of University of Rongo student, Sharon Otieno.

The detectives met Obado at their Kisumu offices on Tuesday where they urged him to undergo a DNA test to prove that he was not the father of the child who Sharon was carrying when she was killed.

When she was killed, Sharon was seven months pregnant and she claimed that Obado was the father of the child.

The development comes even as Sharon’s family lawyer, Peter Kaluma, said the post-mortem results of Sharon should provide detectives with crucial leads to nail down the main culprits behind her death.

Kaluma, who is also Homa Bay MP, pointed out that from the multiple stabs inflicted on the 26-year-old's neck, back and the left side of the stomach as was revealed by the post-mortem, the motive of the killers was very clear.

“The post-mortem to me has revealed everything for police to narrow down on the killers.”

“It is clear that they not only wanted Sharon dead but also the foetus,” Kaluma said.

“It could be that the owner of foetus wanted it dead; it could be that also people around the owner of the foetus wanted the girl and the unborn dead for their own selfish reasons,” Kaluma added.


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