Saturday September 1, 2018 - A section of Gusii community leaders have accused Chief Justice David Maraga of abandoning his Deputy, Philomena Mwilu, during her hour of need.

On Tuesday, Mwilu was arrested like a commoner and detained at the CID headquarters over corruption related offences.

Following the arrest of Mwilu, Maraga failed to issue a statement with regard to criminal charges against Mwilu, the second most powerful person in the judiciary ranks.

"I don't want to comment. It's a matter that is in court and we have to respect that," Maraga told jjournalists.

But according to Gusii leaders and professionals, Maraga had powers to protect his deputy but failed to use it.

"He should have convened a meeting and issued a statement over the attack by the Executive," said Wilkins Ochoki, a Kisii based lawyer.

Veteran lawyer, Osoro Mogikoyo, did not have kind words either for Maraga, who he accuses of laxity.

"When DPP wanted to charge Registrar Ann Amadi, he came out strongly against it. I wonder what makes Mwilu different,” Osoro said.


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