JACQUE MARIBE’s killer fiance, JOWI, is a serial con, this is how he tried to con local politicians & Ministers earlier this year.

Friday, September 28, 2018-Jacque Maribe’s killer fiance, Jowi, is a serial con and fraudster who  has been using cunning tricks to get money from close friends, local politicians and even Ministers.

Jowi had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with local politicians because he worked as a part-time private bodyguard to VIPs, especially during Last Year’s election.

The professional con could also get phone numbers of high profile politicians and ministers easily because of his connection with Jacque Maribe, who is a senior political reporter and anchor at Citizen TV.

Earlier this year, Jowi sent a message to friends, high profile politicians and Ministers, begging for money to foot hospital  bills of his “dead relative”, a lie he came up with to get money to furnish his lavish lifestyle.

When some of his relatives got wind of his con-games, they came out to deny  Jowi’s claims that there was a dead relative in his family who  needed huge amount of money to foot hospital bills , forcing him to eat a humble pie and apologize to friends, relatives,  Cabinet Secretaries and MPs he was trying to con.

The notorious play-boy who has been jobless since 2013 has been scamming rich single ladies around  Nairobi with fake lavish lifestyle.

He has been using the tricks that Nigerian men use to scam women.


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