Irrefutable evidence that OBADO killed SHARON OTIENO - See what he did in Migori after SHARON’s body was discovered in the forest

Monday September 10, 2018 - It is now evident that Migori Governor, Okoth Obado, may have had something to do with the killing of University of Rongo Student, Sharon Otieno, who was seven months pregnant with his child.

Obado sought the help of his assassin, Michael Oyamo, who organised for Sharon’s abduction and later killed her in Kodero Forest after raping her.

As a sign of guilt and to confirm that the Migori Governor was involved in Sharon’s murder, a day after Sharon’s body was discovered at Kodero Forest, the Governor instructed his aides to buy all newspapers in Migori town to deter the public from getting any information related to Sharon Otieno’s murder.

The ‘buyers’ made sure that no paper circulates in Migori and have kept the area in darkness after the news of the murder of Sharon.

Vendors, supermarkets and any outlet that sells newspapers are not spared by the ‘sweep’, seemingly aimed at keeping Obado’s name clean.

According to local vendors who spoke to journalists on Monday, the ‘buyers’ come as early as 6am and buy all the leading papers, and even give them a ‘bonus’.

“Three people come around and order all the newspapers.”

“They pay for all of them and even give us tips.”

“Given that all we need is to sell the papers we have no option,” said the vendor.

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  1. Na sosol media, word of mouth atafanyaje huyu jamaa jameni? Already ameanikwa akaanikika. Jinga, si angelea mtoto tu kwani iko nini. Mama angewika, arukeruke na yangeisha. Kumuua hivo, hio awesmake ata kama alikuwa ameshika by the balls literally! Killing is a big NO!!

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