How LADIES like the murdered SHARON OTIENO are falling to pressure after seeing lavish lives of socialites like VERA SIDIKA.

…spend hours on end talking about it.

But Zari and Sidika do not just show them the latest Gucci designer handbag, they also offer them a quick methodology towards getting that first pair of Louis Vuitton heels.

Get a rich sponsor and let him lavish you with gifts in exchange for your dignity.

A society that glorifies the sponsor culture, a society which tells young Girls that it is okay to trade your dignity for a handbag or a pair of heels is a sick society.

And we are all responsible for this rot in out collective existence.

Today, young women talk about sleeping with rich older men for money without a care in the world. It's cool, hippie, and trendy.

When they say they can sleep with both father and son provided they get what they want, they are ot playing games. They mean it.

Now they are being murdered because of this culture.

Do parents sit down with their daughters and teach them about the virtues of patience?

That it is okay to wait, build your life slowly and solidly, and one day buy the Louis Vuitton?

That there is nothing wrong with your friends heading to Zanzibar for the weekend as you study for your course?

That you should never trade you dignity for anything?

If you don't, and you're a parent, take cue from Sharon Otieno's unfortunate end.


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