Here is what Chinese President XI JINPING told Kenyans who are saying UHURU KENYATTA has taken a lot if debt from China

Tuesday September 4, 2018 - Chinese President XI Jinping has responded to Kenyans who have been accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta of taking a lot of loans and grants from China.

Over the last one year, Uhuru has been receiving a lot of criticism from Kenyans who have been accusing him of loading the country with an unsustainable burden from China.

But speaking on Tuesday after opening of the China-Africa Forum on Cooperation in Beljing, Jinping said he is helping Uhuru to develop the country but not to accumulate debt as claimed by many Kenyans.

“If we take a closer look at these African countries that are heavily in debt, China is not their main creditor," Jinping said.

“It’s senseless and baseless to shift the blame onto China for debt problems," Jinping added.

The Chinese strongman also strongly and angrily denied having ambitions in Africa saying he has no plan of colonizing any country because of its huge debt.

Western countries led by United States have been accusing Beijing of giving loans and grants to African countries with an aim of “colonizing” them if they fail to pay.

But Xi Jinping termed these claims as propaganda aimed at hurting the good relations that the Chinese have with African countries.

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