Good DICK confused JACQUE MARIBE, dirt on her killer lover JOWI exposed, this man is a professional con.

Thursday, September 27, 2018- Citizen TV anchor, Jacque Maribe, caused a stir on social media after a man called Jowi proposed to her in a colourful ceremony that was broadcasted live on social media.

Before Jowi proposed to Jacque Maribe, nothing much was known about him.

He only described himself as a security expert who works in Dubai and provides security to local VIPs in Kenya as a part time job.

But it has emerged that Jowi is a professional conman and play-boy who targets rich single ladies.

He was deported from Dubai in 2013 over crime related  issues and since then, he has been depending on rich women for upkeep.

Jowi dates rich ladies and then dumps them after scamming them  and emptying their bank accounts .

Before he proposed to Jacque Maribe, he was in a serious relationship with a  lady called Maureen.

Jacque Maribe has been housing broke and jobless Jowi who has a habit of scamming women.

In Nairobi, Jowi is known to be  a party animal but close friends revealed that he lives a fake life to impress women and lure them to sex.

The only job he has is that of a WhatsApp group administrator of Jikonis Club, where he is a regular reveler.

He is a close friend of male socialite, Joe Muchiri, another notorious play-boy.

Jowi is a group of play-boys in Nairobi who depend on rich single ladies for upkeep.


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